Kompong Cham

Kampong Cham is one of the most highly-populated provinces in Cambodia and most likely the province with the most fertile land as well. The soil is mostly red in colour. Tobacco, soya-beans, rubber and other tropical produce are grown and exported from here.

The charming city of Kampong Cham is the best place to get a feel of the “real” Cambodia. While remnants of French colonial rule remain, modern developments have done quite a bit to give the city a more contemporary look. However, the real charm of Kampong Cham lies with its people: hospitable, happy-go-lucky folks who are welcoming to tourists.

The Kizona, the longest bridge built across the Mekong River, connects the country's northeastern regions to the city. Kampong Cham also has its fair share of captivating 12th Century temples. The Nokor Ba Chey, the Han Chey and the Phnom Pros-Phnom Srei are all worth a visit.





Banteay Prey Nokor, commonly called the “Historical Site of Luong Preah Sdech Korn,” is located in northern Phnom Penh, in Banteay Prey Nokor Village, Daun Tei commune, Kampong Cham Province.
Banteay Prey Nokor is a former capital of the pre-Angkor period. It was re-chosen as a capital city in the 16th century during the reign of Luong Preah Sdech Korn ( also named King Preah Srey Chetha).
Phnom Han Chey, also known as "Chey Kiri Mountain," is located in the eastern part of Kampong Cham province. Phnom Han Chey boasts a tranquil scenic village, a pagoda, and an ancient temple. 
The Wat Phreah Theat Thmor Da Temple is an ancient site in Kampong Cham. Global travelers love to visit the Wat Phreah Theat Thmor Da Temple as it showcases the rich cultural traditions of a country which houses the World Heritage Sites as declared by UNESCO. The travelers can come across the Wat Phreah Theat Thmor Da Temple at the southeastern region of the province of Kampong Cham in the Preah Theat Thmor Da village. 
The King’s Residence: in Kampong Cham is known as the dwelling abode of the monarchs who ruled Cambodia for a long time. Kampong Cham has been under monarchical rule for a long time and the complex of the King’s Residence has been deserted for awhile. The complex consists of an outside building which was used by the local people so that they can come and meet the king. The premises of King’s Residence, include a beautiful fountain, various chambers, and more.
Koh Pen beach is classified as a recreation park and one of the popular beaches of the Kampong Cham. The site of Koh Pen Beach is located midway to Kampong Cham and Kampong Siem District. The distance is about two kilometers from the Provincial Town of Kampong Cham.
The first long building of Nokor Bachey Temple of Kampong Cham is 421 meters and 371 meters in dimension made of laterite stones. The height is of 9 meters and the length is 2.4 meters. Most part of this building has been destroyed over time. Inside this building you will find structures like Six Lions, Eight Dragons and Two Devils. The second long building is also a beautiful architectural structure that includes two statues of Te Cho Dam Din, two devils each of1.6-metre in height and two ponds.


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